My name is Shirley Smith and I would like to welcome you to the internet home of Mystimitts Persians. My actual home is nestled in a valley of the Selkirk Mountains of South-Eastern British Columbia, Canada.

It was the mist upon the mountains that surround my home that inspired the choice of my cattery name... "Mysti" for the mountains and "Mitts" for those wonderful paws that Persians have :-).

It is here that my cats are all raised underfoot.

Because the health of the kittens I produce is very important to me I use only PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) certified negative cats in my breeding program.

All my kittens are sold with a 100% replacement guarantee.

I have met some very special people in the cat fancy who have supported me and shared many hours of good advise.

My way of thanking these wonderful friends is to put a link to their sites at the bottom of this page. In this way you may meet them too

I would especially like to thank Lee Harper of ShowCatsOnline Web Design who designed and created the Mystimitts website. Her talents are awesome!

I hope you enjoy visiting with the cats and dogs of Mystimitts. They are my treasures. In every way and every day they bring joy to my life... even when it is time for a nap :-)...

Shirley Smith
612 Latimer Street
Nelson, B. C.
V1L 4V3


Phone: (250) 354-0234

Fax: (250) 354-0237

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